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The Red Hook Police Department:
  • Handles approximately 2,000 calls for service or public safety actions per year excluding daily traffic safety actions.
  • The department works closely with and is supported by the New York State Police who assist in providing dispatch communications and logistical support.
  • The Village of Red Hook provides 16 hours of base police patrol services from 8:00am to mid-night every day.
  • Additional services are provided based upon community needs and the availability of outside resources such as grants for targeted public safety and law enforcement activities.
  • Police services are provided to Town of Red Hook community members based upon yearly contracted service agreements with the Village of Red Hook.
  • The Red Hook police department works closely with the Red Hook Central School District to provide a safe a secure learning environment for our community youth and school employees.
  • Three officers are NYS certified School Resource Officers.
  • Five officers are currently NYS certified instructors and specialists providing updated skills and knowledge to Red Hook and other police officers in Northern Dutchess and Ulster County.
  • There are currently 10 police officers providing uniformed patrol duties for the Red Hook Police Department.
  • Additionally, two highly experienced officers are currently assigned to assist with follow-up investigations and assist other officers as needed.
  • The entire police operational budget has remained relatively constant in the last few years while the departmentís productivity levels and capabilities have increased dramatically.
  • Approximately 66% of the current operating costs for providing police services to the Red Hook community by the Red Hook Police Department are offset by the combination of revenues provided from grants, donations, outside government services, and revenues generated by court fines and fees from convicted offenders.

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 Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access (FOIL) RHPD records ... ?

Complete Records Access Form

How do I locate Local Government... ?

Village of Red Hook Government Web-link

Village of Tivoli Government Web-link

Town of Red Hook Government Web-link


How do I contact Local Schools ... ?

Red Hook Central School District Web-link


How do I report a Motor Vehicle Accident ... ?

NYS DMV Form MV-104 (7/05)


How do I purchase a copy of a Police Accident Report ... ?

Complete Accident Report Request Form


How do I Apply for RHPD Employment ... ?

Employment Application & Personal History Statement


How do I request a Security Check ... ?

Complete Security Check Request Form

How do I Contact Victim Services... ?

Victims' Resources & Services of Dutchess County Web-link


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