The Red Hook Police Department is dedicated to providing police services in and for our community not as passive responders, but instead as community members that are invested in the quality of life in Red Hook. Our entire operational and leadership philosophy centers on the community policing style of providing services.    
     The community policing approach differs from the tradition policing model in that community policing focuses resources proactively on quality of life concerns and prevention strategies as opposed to reactively to reports of crimes and other disturbances already in progress.

Community Relations and Community Events

This is where we put activities, descriptions, photos of police department involvement in community events and public outreach programs.

(Left) Officer Schaller and Officer Sterritt of the Red Hook Police Department stopped to take a picture with a local Red Hook resident who's costume was a traffic cone.

(Right) Sgt. Patrick Hildenbrand was invited to be a guest in the kindergarten class at the Red Hook Elementary School this past week to read to the students while on a School Resource Officer detail.

What is the Community Policing Approach?